The patch of sunflowers was catching the late afternoon sun’s rays, and it was a busy time for the bees….. and another I found lurking there.  A real little cutie 🙂


The bee looks like it’s got orange cuffs on!

come to mama

I’m happy to have them around, and will continue to plant food sources for them.   Without bees we’d starve.

yum yum yum

A happy little bee…..


Clever little spider waiting for dinner.  He made a grab for a bee, but it was too quick for him. Mind you, those spiders are extremely quick off the mark.  I had lots in my last garden, and got to really enjoy watching their antics.

sleepy time

Sleepy time……zzzzzzzzz…… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sunny

  1. A swarm of bees on those big flowers must have been fun to see and photograph! With so many reports of trouble with bee populations, it’s also goo to see that there still are lots of them seen at times. We had lots of bees attracted to our sweet corn last summer for a few days. Alas, the weather was so dry afterwards that the corn did not grow well, but the bees were happy for awhile!

    • This area is without chemicals, hence a good bee population Clover. Sorry you didn’t get a good corn harvest, as nothing beats homegrown corn.

    • Yes Margaret, it was then. But as you know, nothing stays the same. Gale force winds over the last 18 hours have battered the sunflowers. And many other plants too….

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