No, this is not about music,  rock or classical, but about the commonplace items in the home, more particularly in the kitchen.  It need not be the case that familiarity breeds either contempt or disdain.  In fact, I believe there is much to celebrate in the shapes and forms of items we have come to depend upon in our daily lives.

My mind was opened to new ways of viewing a few years ago when I purchased the book A Home for the Soul by Anthony Lawlor.  It is a book that has justified its place on my bookshelf time and again.

Today I received in my email, the new post from Oopoomoo photography setting out the challenge to create something from nothing.   Acting on impulse, I shot a few images in my kitchen, and then processed them in a manner that would show their shape and form best. The result did surprise me.  I’m interested in what you may think 🙂  (I have a completely different idea for the challenge which I’ll try out tomorrow)

Domestica 1

Domestica 2

Domestica 3

Domestica 4

Domestica 5

Domestica 7


Yes, I did say this wasn’t about music….. but….. have you ever listened to your pots and pans?  Many a fun time can be had with using kitchen utensils to play music 🙂 Spoons for instance….


3 thoughts on “Domestica

  1. Enivea, I am sure you will never look at your stove the same way again after creating these images. I like the way this technique draws attention to the line and shape of objects. I also like the way reflections work off surfaces such as the taps.

    I thought the spoon playing was tops.

    • Many thanks for your feedback Margaret, most appreciated. Spoon playing always takes me back to a certain time and place in my youth….. 🙂 For a while I also had a lager-phone, and a bass made from a tea-chest. All proof that you don’t need a fortune to play and enjoy music!

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