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The Fallible & the Accused, Colltalers

The past week offered contrasting views of two public figures, one by choice, the other by fate, that if anything sucked us into a swirl. Outrage, disgust, sadness, or fear, were all rolled up into one big whirlpool of questioning and disconnect with the world we live in.
The farewell rites of the prelate former known as Pope Benedict XVI, with its elaborate stage play of ostentation and deception, was the media’s favorite, of course. But it was at the trial of Pvt. Bradley Manning that the only edifying lessons available were to be found.
While it’s much clearer now that Joseph Ratzinger’s resignation, far from sudden, had been concocted far in advance, with a carefully crafted game plan designed to distract and confuse, much less visible is the real intentions behind the pompous act.
For all the circumstance and luxurious efforts to put…

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