Our new muse

I’ve been considering adding to the family…..  and this week it happened.  SHE has arrived!  The plan is that she will be a friend for Fred, who has lost two close buddies in the past 18 months.  That’s the plan, anyway……

New arrival

Her arrival yesterday.  History unknown.  Appeared the night before at a remote farmhouse – the owners think she was probably dumped by townsfolk, as it’s happened before.  Grrrrr……horrible but all too common behaviour by humans.  Probably she was a Christmas present that has lost its appeal…..   She’s healthy enough, tho very small for her age and was very hungry when she arrived at the farmhouse.

Not where she will sleep.jpg2

It didn’t take her long to work out where my …er… HER… bed is!   She’s very friendly to humans, a little feisty with Fred and Frank and somehow I think she’ll soon have them as slaves….


I’m determined not to fall under her spell………

Ho hum

……. but she is very cute 🙂

A natural model

Maybe even a natural model 🙂



Between the ears

Oh gee whiz

Un-named as yet.  She’s very elfin-like…..   Any suggestions please?  Apart from “Your Highness”! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Our new muse

  1. Enivea, I see the new princess in your life has your heart firmly wrapped in her paws. She has certainly made herself right at home.

    The tortoise shell and white colouring is very attractive.

    • I have a particular penchant for torties, although I’ve not had one similar to this since I was a young child. As for being wrapped in her paws, yes that is true, and I have the marks to prove it! 🙂
      Any suggestions for her name please?

    • That’s a lovely name Margaret, however, it’s bad enough having two names beginning with FR! I couldn’t bear a third honestly! 🙂 Frank was named after Sinatra because of his big voice and blue eyes….. then along came Fred, who shared my father’s birthday, and so his name…..
      She may get named Pixel….. she’s small like a Pixie, so it’s only a little step to Pixel…… 🙂

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