Looking skyward

Hot days, bushfires around the countryside, red skies, takes the eyes upward……..


This was the strange sight that greeted me just after sunrise this morning.  The sun was actually much redder than it appears here.


Just like a glowing ball……


I’m not sure what the kangaroos made of it, although I daresay they had a better understanding than I did…..


It wasn’t quite the ‘golden light’ I’m accustomed to at this hour.


Even Frank was looking skyward!   Note his damp legs and chest, from the heavy overnight dew.


It was inviting me to walk further, but alas I had other places I needed to be……


The gum tree branch may be lying on the ground, but it’s far from giving up, as can be seen from the new growth.  Many of the mallee trees in this paddock are sprouting new growth – I’m hoping they are predicting a good season ahead with breaking rains soon!


2 thoughts on “Looking skyward

  1. Hi Enivea, There is certainly an eerie quality to the light in a smoke affected sky. Everything bathed in a strange orange light and the smell of smoke in the air even though the fire is far away.

    Right now, there is the smell of rain in the air and rain is beginning to fall. Fingers crossed it is more than a brief flurry of moisture but some deeply soaking rain. The countryside around here is parched.

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