A slice of life

My new garden is slowing gaining it’s little community of creatures and plants.   I’m contemplating the development of a blog devoted just to it – from the beginning I’ve been recording the various stages of its creation, something I wasn’t as able to do with my previous proper garden.  So, perhaps I’ll put it together, to encourage others to ‘get growing’……..

Anyway, here’s a little selection of those treasures that caught my eye this morning – may you find something to treasure in them also.

A slice of life

I thought I’d try photographing the sunflower from a different angle than usual – they are such a wonderfully complex flower!  golden

While I was doing that, a bee dropped in 🙂  It seemed almost to be dancing for joy as it moved across the blossoms…..

look who is hiding

If you look very carefully, you can see a spider hiding between the petals.  What a clever place to hide!

the golden chamber

Growing around the sunflowers are pumpkins and they are always buzzing with life!

green eyes

Sitting on a pumpkin leaf, was this tiny little fly.  Looks like he’s already begun on the St.Patrick’s Day celebrations!


Over in another section of the garden, where I’d been watering earlier, I found the tiny conical snail making it’s way down a plant stem.  Often I’ve envied them having such a portable home……

count the spots

I am thrilled to see this new visitor!  Just look at those tiny feet 🙂

Shadow play

Have you ever played with making shadows on a wall?  I wonder if this is what the little creature was doing…..


This looks sweet and innocent but don’t be fooled!  It will grow into a furnace – a red hot chilli pepper!

027.JPGre the chorus

Finally, I thought this looked like open mouths singing….   and there could only be one song……


2 thoughts on “A slice of life

  1. Enivea, What a fantastic series of photographs. The image of the bee visiting the sunflower is stunning. I continue to be in awe of what can be captured using macro lenses. Macro photography makes it so easy to appreciate a whole new world right on our doorsteps.

    • Thank you Margaret for your enthusiastic response! Much appreciated 🙂 My P&S does a great job, although I admit that one day I’d love to have a DSLR with a macro lens. Next non-windy day, I’ll pop on the Raynox lens, and see what I find then 🙂

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