Lurking in the woods today……

The boys and I took a stroll into the woods today….

Not lurking in the woods

But we did not feel alone….  we felt we were being watched by something else….

In the woods 1

What is it lurking there?    Better take care and hide behind the trees a while longer….

Lurking in the woods2

Maybe it’s hiding there for a reason?   Not that there’s much reason about here lately…….

Lurking in the woods3

After all, I don’t remember anyone telling me I’m reasonable……

Lurking in the woods4

Perhaps it’s looking for a purpose?       I hope it finds one…….   I’m still seeking mine…..

Lurking in the woods5

Time to face it……


2 thoughts on “Lurking in the woods today……

    • It’s a skull I do believe Margaret. In fact, virtually all of it was there….
      Trying to rebuild a life without my girl is proving difficult….

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