Heads, tails and fluff

The exercise

The object of the early morning walk was to take some photos of the flowers, backlit by the sun.

always there

Fred of course was there with me.

just for laughs 4

Frank wasn’t going to miss out on the fun either.

just for laughs 3

This is what usually happens.  I get lined up for a shot, and my helpers have other ideas.

just for laughs2

Well, yes, that’s a fine tail, but does it have to be right there!!??!

just for laughs5

Or perhaps let’s just confuse the camera’s focusing system……

just for laughs6

Maybe I needed a different background??!!

just for laughs

Yes, get right in the middle….. thanks Fred.

the tail end

And there’s that damn bit of fluff again!!

Oh well, win some lose some, no bother really.  I still have my best mates and that’s what counts♥

8 thoughts on “Heads, tails and fluff

  1. Enivea, I had a good chuckle as I scrolled down through the photographs. What a lovely way to spend a sunny morning despite the frustrations of animal companions having a different agenda to yours. I particularly like the photograph of Frank delicately examining the ‘pussy tail’.

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