It’s just peachy

Well, obviously not the world situation 😦    Too much greed, too many chemicals, too much radiation, too many humans.

But in my little dot in the world, I have the joy of fresh ripe peaches.  True pleasure is picking a peach from the tree, warmed by the sun, and biting into it and having the juices explode their flavour in my mouth.  Eating such a peach is a full sensory experience.  If you’ve only ever eaten a peach from a supermarket, I urge you to take immediate steps to address this discrepancy in your life.  If you can, grow your own peaches – dwarf ones are available and can be grown in tubs on a balcony even.  Live. Love. Get peachy.




Poster peach



This last one is possibly the one I’ll eventually have printed out to hang in my kitchen.  That’s been my motivation to learn how to do still lifes!  A long way to go yet though…..


7 thoughts on “It’s just peachy

  1. Peaches are one of my favorites – but only in season. Once I’d tasted the real thing – well. You obviously understand. We’re months away from our harvest – and hoping the weather behaves this year. A very late freeze last year took out much of the crop, which was in full bloom. At least I still have a few quarts of canned!

    • I certainly hope the weather behaves nicer for your crop this year. My trees suffered a bit with some strong winds when they were in bloom….but I wasn’t actually living here then and couldn’t do anything about it. A windbreak is planned! Enjoy the slipperiness of your canned ones – I do love that aspect of them!

  2. Enivea, Since moving to Bendigo, I have been able to eat some very flavoursome peaches grown by local orchardists including those who are organic growers.

    Your photographs are a great testimony to your love of peaches.

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