Gone fishin’…..

Took a little drive today…. and found this couple on the side of the road, a bit out of town….typical Aussie humour….

Gone fishin' 1

Well, I guess you have to do something while you’re waiting for the fish to bite….

Gone fishin' 2

She seemed pretty happy about things anyway…..

Gone fishin' 3

And they’re wearing all the great clobber…..

Gone fishin' 4

Yes, I know, you’re wondering where the water is……?

Gone fishin'5

This is what it’s all about…..

The Lake

It’s just that it’s summer time…… wait till winter and this will be full of water…..

Gone fishin' 6

And while they’re waiting, I think they got some ideas on passing the time away…..     🙂


6 thoughts on “Gone fishin’…..

    • There is a similar signage area on the other road out of this town, and I’m curious to know whether it was targeted also….. although it doesn’t have the benefit of a ‘lake’ for fishing. As it involved an extra 20kms to check it out, I had to leave it for another time. I’ve got some other funny things in the archives I’ll dig out 🙂

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