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We thirst for an emotional tide to wash over us and cleanse our mind.

Maybe it is peace of mind or a small inkling of what Siddhārtha Gautama felt was enlightenment.  Scientists may tell us it is a releasing of endorphins that saturate our system.  If we are lucky, at one time in our lives we have all felt it…if only for a moment.

Imagine, if you will, all cares and worries being replaced with a deep and satisfying breath.  A warming, comfortable ray of sunshine on your face.  Your eyes closed, relaxed.

One moment.  One gratifying moment of your day.  Your life.

What does it take for us to repeat that one moment?  Is it necessary for us to endure a lifetime of study, reflection and sacrifice?  Must we adhere to strict rules of diet and exercise?  Are we left to realize our fleeting moments are random or involuntary?

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