A sunny summer Sunday – sun, sea, sand = people having enjoyment!  The Limestone Coast has it all…….

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2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Hi Enivea, Yes, I encountered similar scenes on a holiday at Ocean Grove on the Bellarine Peninsula in January. I am surprised to see a herd of 4 wheel drives gathering on the beach in your photographs. Ocean Grove has a beach set aside for the use of people and their dogs during the summer months so other beach users can be free of doggy encounters. However, not a 4 wheel drive vehicle to be seen except for the one used to empty the rubbish bins at each access point.

    • I understand that this section of coastline is one of the few areas left where vehicles can traverse…. I admit I have very mixed feelings about it. Some particularly fragile areas have had access denied these days….but it is a shock to come across tyre tracks while exploring the dunes.

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