At forest's edge.jpg2

A funny co-incidence…..   tonight I happened to decide to convert the original coloured version of this to black and white, and then discovered I’d taken it exactly one year ago.  My how things have changed since then……I still have access to paddocks with cattle, but many miles from where this was taken and with very different vegetation.

I’m quite fond of the original image, both because of remembering the circumstances of taking it, and how thrilled I was at the time, and also because I’ve sold two copies of it, and it’s received a competition award.  Perhaps people will like the black and white version also 🙂


8 thoughts on “Remembering…..

  1. This is a wonderful image. I’m not sure I saw the original (I think I did), but this one creates an entirely different mood now. Mysterious. You did a great job of converting it to b&w.

    • Many thanks Margaret. Yes, Fred and I spent many a happy morning tramping that area, and playing with the cattle too.

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