A controversial subject but she raises a matter close to my heart.

Pretty Feet, Pop Toe

Recently, breaking news revealed that horse meat has been found in the budget beef burgers of some major stores in the UK and Ireland. This resulted in the standard reaction of heavily recycled jokes, disgust and good old fashioned middle class outrage across social media and pubs alike. Once all the smug moral dust had settled, a few lone voices could be heard admitting that actually, they would eat horse meat and that the only misdemeanour that had occurred, as far as they could see, was the fact these retailers hadn’t labelled the goods properly. This raises the question, which animals is it ok to eat?

Food is a very personal matter. As well as keeping us alive, it acts as a social bonding tool, a harmless missile to be thrown across school canteens in rock videos and it divides opinion massively, so it’s no surprise that much emotion surrounds…

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  1. I posted this comment on that original post…
    The topic of what food we can, may could, or should eat is a subject that one should not stay soylent on. That which we call a Rose is vegetable, but it is not something I would serve beside a slice of roast beef.. That which we call meat, may taste wonderful, or it may taste simply offal.

    Which brings us back to the question of ‘what is meat?’
    Processed meat can be just about anything, from any part of a cow (including digestive tract), to whatever is in pink slime. A steak, or a chicken breast that has been injected with water to give it more volume, or bits of meat glued together to give a façade of a singular whole… But the actual meat of another animal… actual meat that that is actually called meat?

    Perhaps there can be a new ‘genre’ of meat… Introducing the Amalgamous Steak (for animals), or the Amalgamous fillet (for fish or poultry). There are no entrails of an animal (or fish or poultry), but the meat does not have to be from one kind of animal (or fish or poultry).

    The combinations are only limited by your imagination, taste, marketing, or the strength of your stomach.
    Roo-Moo Mince
    The Sam Kekovich Pie (Roo and Lamb)
    The Melbourne Cup Pie (Venison and Roo) how Australian…
    The Bugs Bunny bucket (Rabbit and Pork, or Duck)

    Just play with it… Down stomach…

    • Gee, with the Bugs Bunny Bucket, you could even chuck in a bit of Mixo! Yummmm! Or does the “Bugs” in the Bunny pertain to the aforementioned? 🙂

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