Hope – good medicine in tough times.

Bealtaine Cottage ~ 14 years of Goddess Permaculture in the West of Ireland

Brigid Cross  Bealtaine Cottage Shop on EtsyFebruary the 1st is the feast of Saint Brigid.

Brigid was also a Celtic Goddess, who was venerated for protection of the home from fire.

morning sun at Bealtaine Permaculture Cottage Ireland is full of spring wells named after the Goddess Brigid, who held sway over them.

The Spring Wells are often seen as a portal to the Otherworld and a source of wisdom and healing.

Jack, the rescue dog at Bealtaine CottageThere is a Brigid in all who nurture compassion, hope, love and life.

Buddleia in bloom at Bealtaine CottageThese are aspects of the Divine Feminine and this is the Age of the Awakening of the Divine Feminine in all of humanity.

Governments are the trustees we elect…

They will only do what we allow them to… for we are many and they are few.

Empowerment rests within us.

This Awakening is speeding up through the medium of Social Media.

Rhubarb beds at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture GardensI have observed the transformation of people, from being passive receivers of air-brushed, sanitized information through…

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  1. I don’t usually read re-blogged posts, but I did this time because of the reference to Bealtaine Cottage. One of the early blessings collected by Alexander Carmichael in his “Celtic Invocations” included the Clipping Blessing, which includes the lines “Go shorn and come woolly, bear the Beltane female lamb…” You might be interested in my post containing the blessing. It’s one of my favorites, a bit of a tribute to my own Celtic roots.

    What a beautiful bit of weaving that is! And the photos are so beautiful. Just lovely.

    • Thank you for reading Linda, and directing me to your piece, it’s wonderful! I’d like to explore this topic further another day 🙂

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