The Children of the New Era

Wow!  I met two children of the New Era today!  What an experience that was!

Greetings Earthlings

His name matters not….. his message matters much!

Making contact

He confirms to Home that he’s arrived.

I came from out there

When asked where Home is, he looks wistfully out across the seas, out across the universe……

And suddenly I was here

“Suddenly I was here”  he said…..

Are you ready to see the secret

“Are you ready to see the Secret? You must choose” he said.

Double impact

It’s a double impact!!

Mind blowing!

Totally mind-blowing!

I'm here to help

“I’m here to help you. This is serious business” he informed me.

Listen, it's serious business

“You must listen well” he said and I listened well.

Every leaf matters


Farewell for now

“Farewell, I shall return another day” he said.   I bowed my head respectfully.


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