Searching for Truth

Where is Truth?  How do I cross

It is on the Other Side..


Yet how can I cross the River?

Under repairs

The Bridge is under repairs.

Crashing on the rocks

I am in danger of crashing on the rocks.

All at sea

I feel adrift on the ocean.

The path winds around

The Path ahead winds out of sight, I cannot see what lies ahead.

Uphill path

The Journey is uphill.

Into the unknown

Into the Unknown Sea.

I see the signs

The warning signs are there……

Yet I fall

….but what will stop me falling?

My home is broken

My Home is Broken.

Pieces scattered

Pieces lay scattered about.

We both wish hard

Fred and I wish very very hard….we need to find Love…..

Flowers along the track

…….and we see Flowers along the Path.

And butterflies dancing

Butterflies are dancing.

Blooming life

Life CAN be blooming beautiful……


4 thoughts on “Searching for Truth

  1. Yes, I can relate to the sentiments in this post, Enivea. The photo of the winding path, brought to mind a poem, ‘A Bend in the Road’ – author not cited, a friend has given me. The final verse of the poem reads:
    ‘So rest, relax, grow stronger,
    Let go, let others share your load,
    Have faith in a brighter tomorrow,
    You’ve just come to a bend in the road.’

  2. Hi Enivea,

    You _are_ the other side,
    You _are_the river,
    You _are_ the Truth.
    No need for repairs,
    For you are complete the way you are.
    Yet there is no You,
    There is no Other,
    There is only One.

    Take care,


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