Lessons from Nature

Today I wandered along the beach.


I took small steps here and there.


I looked not just at the horizon, but at that beneath my feet.


I saw the sand blown by the wind into patterns.


Each unique.


All full of beauty.


Sand does not resist change.


Sand goes with the flow of energy on this Earth.


I saw the wisdom of the sand.


I will try to emulate the sand. To allow my Spirit to flow freely through all changes…..

Free Spirit


15 thoughts on “Lessons from Nature

  1. Ah, perfect! I love this series, this is one of your best yet (both photos and words!

    “See the world as your self.
    Have faith in the way things are.
    Love the world as your self;
    then you can care for all things.”
    – Tao Te Ching (Mitchell translation)

  2. Enivea, How to emulate the sand in going with the flow? How to bring the mind and the heart into harmony in this quest?

    A beautiful series of photographs. I am intrigued by the various tracks made by the creatures which have crossed the sand.

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