The End.

My best friend died just three hours ago.  We’d been together for around 25 years.  Through thick and thin.  Good and bad times.  The longest and closest relationship I’d ever had, or for that matter, ever likely to have.  But finally, it was  time to let go.  I had to do what one does for what one loves.  Let go.   A dignified death.  It’s the least that can be done, to honour a life well lived.  I don’t know how my life will be now.  I do know it  will never be the same again.  Fred has lost his best friend also.  I’m just taking it moment to moment.  My dear friends are helping to deal with the details.  Bless them.  Tomorrow will be a very difficult time.  The burial.  But that is tomorrow.  Just now I am dealing with moment to moment.  Because, that is really, all we have.  Moments to moments.  Make them count.


22 thoughts on “The End.

  1. So very very sorry ~ there are never words that convey the comfort one wants to lend at times like this. I will hold you in my heart as you navigate through. Blessings and Love in this moment …. R

  2. hey.. binjy here . ((hug))

    Draw strength from the breeze, from the bird calls, and from the sun’s warmth.
    That wound in your heart will only start healing with massive applications of beauty .
    I can only guess how hard today will be , and how hard the tomorrows to come .
    Empty..with so many reminders of what you had .

    Years on, it will still hurt, but the edges will have healed over ..smoothed and covered by the love and sense of beauty Nature provides.

    Take care today ….

    • Thank you Binjy, lovely words. Yesterday, coming back from where her body was laid to rest, I recalled riding her along those very tracks. Bitter-sweet.

  3. I don’t know why I hit the “like” button when I read this post. I won’t undo it now because for some reason it was instinctive.

    I’m very sorry, Enivea. Wish there was something more to say but I know there is not.

  4. The hand reaches out, just empty air,
    wanting to give the some gentle care.
    The heart reaches too as it may dare
    for it knows that love is always there…..

    and love will always be there, you know
    through sun or rain and even snow
    your love endured, but now the blow
    when it was her time to go

    If there was no love, there’s be no tears
    your eyes release the love of years,
    and when the fog round your heart clears
    hold close that love, when memory appears.

  5. Enivea, I am sorry I am behind in reading this post about the death of Sally. It is very distressing to lose a beloved animal companion which contibutes so much to our experience of life. My best wishes to you and Fred.

    • Thank you Margaret. She’s been such a part of my life for so long, it’s a huge change. And she was always there for Fred…..she’s greatly missed.

  6. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Even though we have never met, nor ever communicated before, I felt your loss in some way by your heartfelt post.
    May you be blessed with a life which is all you would wish it to be as you progress beyond this time.
    kind regards,

    • You have a very kind heart Gerry, and I thank you for your words and wishes. The kindness of strangers is especially moving.

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