Loving Wide Open at The End of an Era

So we’re headed to the park for our ritual morning walk, and the sky is big and blue, cloudless. It’s the kind that fills the heart with enough helium to make it burst from happiness. Izzy’s nose and paws are out the car window, sniffing up the sunshine and sage. It’s that simple for her. Look at this. Smell that. Sit on mom’s lap and enjoy the ride. The feel of her snuggled between me and the car door, the softness and warmth of her. The crisp cheery breeze blowing hair and fur, sunbeams kissing our noses. There is gravity in past and future. Bouyancy in the present moment. And right now? We’re both floating. And I realize, this is it. This right here. We get to have these feelings, share these moments, the glory and commoness of it all.

My mind is full of snapshots of other moments like…

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