I have been doing a lot of sky-watching today.  Many people around my state have been doing the same thing.  While the day began reasonably well, the forecast didn’t bode well, and I elected to stay close to home, just in case…….

As the day progressed, the wind speed increased, and storms crept across the sky.

Periodically throughout the day, I walked around taking these images.

Lightning strikes were common and started bushfires across the state, including my region.  My thoughts and prayers are with those who are facing many uncertainties, particularly those in Pt. Lincoln region.  At least I still have electricity, as thousands are without it.  Another storm is forecast…..   fingers crossed there are no more lightning strikes, and rain will put out the current fires.

The smoke in the air, gave the colours to the sunset.

My heart goes out to the wildlife, affected by these fires across the state.  Fauna Rescue is one of the very worthy organisations who provide assistance to injured, sick or orphaned wildlife.  Bless these folk.♥

11 thoughts on “Skywatching

  1. Enivea, This is a wonderful series of photographs documenting the changing moods of the sky over the course of the day. Your comments illustrate the anxiety experienced with the outbreak of fires caused by lightening strikes. I trust you will make it safely through the summer season.

  2. These are beautiful photos, so atmospheric. Amazing how the sky can change so dramatically in such a short period of time. I live in Bolivia and its rainy season, we get something similar almost daily…beautiful and terrible at the same time.

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