Which do you remember? The ones you got or the one that got away?

I had a conversation with a young photographer, and we were discussing the shots we’d missed, for one reason or another.  Perhaps we’d forgotten to change the settings, or had flat batteries, or someone walked in front of the camera at the vital time – I’m sure all of us have had occasions when something didn’t go as we had planned.  I remarked, that probably for all those times, there were as many when happy accidents occurred – a bird flew into the picture at the perfect time, the sun came out from behind a cloud just right, or any of the many unforseen things that turned an ok picture into a real keeper.

A few days after this conversation, I was stopped on the side of the road, taking some photos of an old shed I liked.  It has the backdrop of a salt lake, which changes colour according to the weather, and I like to have a record of its different moods.  My only complaint, is that there’s limited choices on shooting angles, and perspectives, due to roadside vegetation hampering further exploration.

After taking a couple of shots, I became aware of a movement just to the left of view.  To my astonishment, a pair of kangaroos appeared out of now-where, and casually hopped across the paddock, in front of the shed, and turned the shot into an iconic Australian image.

Thank you Lady Luck, your presence was much appreciated.

You’re welcome to hop by any time 🙂


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