Have you ever?

Have you ever…..

Been so moved by music that you thought your heart would burst?

Believed in something so much you knew you could never give up?

Touched a newborn lamb, and felt its softness…..

Have you ever…..

……blown on a dandelion and made a wish?

or sat naked in the moonlight?

Watched a sunrise, just because you could?


Listened to the stories of the wise ones?

And known the full trusting love of another sentient being?

Have you ever rescued a wild animal and helped it on its journey?

Taken time to notice dew drops on a leaf?

Have you ever experienced the profound knowing of oneness, however fleeting?

Rejoiced to see the first blossoms of Spring?

Have you ever tasted the raindrops on roses just after the rain?

Sought refuge from the madding crowd…..

…. in the tranquility of the bush?

Have you ever watched the sunset, and felt completely at peace?

Then like me, you have known wealth beyond measure♥


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