Predatory shield bug catches a meal!

Beautiful sunny weather today, had me beating a path down to the rear of the house yard to continue with my weeding of this much neglected area.  This property has been vacant for several years, until my recent arrival, and in this corner the blackberry canes threaten the two stone fruit trees.  That is, in addition to the kikuyu grass and the horehound!

No longer could I delay the task.  It’s a tedious one, involving much care to avoid being grabbed by the thorns of the blackberry made more difficult by another weed tangling itself with the canes, and clinging tightly together.  Definitely gloves are the order of the day, but they only help, not completely protect.

After a while, my back was telling me to take a rest, and the excuse I needed presented itself right in front of me.

The bugs were climbing over the various plants as I worked, but one in particular caught my attention.  Time to put the Raynox macro lens on the camera…….

Looks like the hunt was successful – for both of us!

Yes, it’s an ant!  This is the first time I’ve seen this bug with any prey, even though I’ve been watching them for years in various other locations.

Look at those mandibles on that ant – I don’t think I’d like to be messing with it.

They decided to get a grip on things by the look of it.

Throughout the process I could see the ant waving its legs around and did feel a little sorry for it…. but my policy is to not interfere with the natural processes, simply to observe – even though that can be tough at times.

The bug walked up and down and back and forth, all the while keeping a firm hold on the ant.   Eventually however, it requested a little privacy please!

Well, it was a pleasant break for me, but time to get back to work!


4 thoughts on “Predatory shield bug catches a meal!

  1. Enivea, There is much hard work ahead of you but I am sure you will enjoy the reward of seeing this corner of the house yard transformed over time.

    The immediate bonus, of course, was being able to observe the insect catch and hold onto its prey.

    • There’s much hard work everywhere I look Margaret, but that’s ok, I intend to stay here long enough to make it all worthwhile. My first lot of seedlings have germinated today, in a pot, and that’s a start. My aim is to create a diverse garden to attract many bugs and spiders, just like I had up north. Then there’ll be photo opportunities galore!

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