Dipping into the archives……

One of my Flickr images was recently selected in the Discerning Photographer Flickr Group Critique, and I needed to go into my archives to answer a question about it.  That sent me on a little trip back in time…. and place….   till I eventually came across another ladybird image I’d taken in my previous garden, almost two years ago.   It was in my Favourites folder 🙂

Summer time up north, where the air is warm and dry 🙂  and this adult ladybird enjoyed sitting on the curry bush.  Ah, that brings back memories!

I lived in such a different environment then, and I must admit, there are still times when I feel quite homesick for it, even though I understand that it’s necessary for me to live in the area I am now, in the South East.  In time, I’ve no doubt I’ll feel more settled, especially now that I’ve found a peaceful place to reside.  I’ll experience highs and lows, put down memories, cultivate many aspects of my life that have been put on hold for much too long, and generally just get on with living as rich a life as I am able.

Somehow though, I think I’ll always refer to myself as a Northerner……


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