Retrofitting the suburbs

Michael B Green – Freelance Journalist

via Retrofitting the suburbs.
Even though this article is written about Australia, I see the concepts applicable elsewhere.  Great website, full of pertinent information for these changing times.   Imperative, I believe, for us to continue to change with the changes. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Retrofitting the suburbs

  1. Thanks for the link; I shall read more. I only recently became interested in permaculture due to my recent aquisition of an allotment and the dilemmas and difficulties of maintaining an organic one. Are you going the permaculture route, Eremophila?

    • Permaculture has been part of my philosophy for many years. It’s not the full story for me, just a good place to begin to learn the complex way to live in harmony with the Earth. My last garden evolved that way, and within a short time, I had attracted a wonderful variety of insects helpers. They were also great photographic subjects too!

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