Apple blossom

Yesterday, I spent some time weeding the orchard…. and delighting in the apple blossom.  May you enjoy also 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Apple blossom

    • Yes, and the ‘weeds’ are being used elsewhere to help suppress grasses around where my pumpkins will grow. Once the orchard is ready, I’ll be able to plant companion herbs. 🙂

  1. Hi Enivea, I am glad you appreciate the beauty of apple blossom with the pink and white petals complemented by the fresh green of new leaves. I have been enjoying the apple tree flowering in my garden. The possums and birds get to eat any fruit in autumn.

    • I needed to trim some very long branches off the long neglected trees, which I’ve put into a vase, and so I get extra pleasure from them. It’s a pity the creatures aren’t sharing any fruits with you. I’m hoping you’ll have the pleasure of fruit trees in your new home.

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