Perfect day

Today has been one of those beautiful Spring days, spent outdoors with my loving companions – what more could I ask for!

This is in the original orchard. Somewhere in the grass should be the remains of the first cottage, circa 1800’s ….. I’m thankful for the fabulous fruit trees, and really look forward to seeing what they produce.

Happiness is – a good roll in the grass!  Sally loves it here!!

Next we headed out to the back paddock, Sally really enjoying the chance to explore.

This is the Limestone Coast and once this paddock was part of the sea.  Fred is taking note of the piece of limestone.

The cows were surprised to see us, although I’m hoping they soon get used to us so I can get closer for more pics.

Sally had a really tough winter, and it’s great to see her enjoying life again.

She knows how special she is 🙂

Emu eggs were found at the base of a tree, mostly smashed, probably by the cows……or possibly by crows.

I put the one unbroken egg onto the rock, and next time I go out into the paddock I’ll check if it survives.

Oh isn’t it grand to be young and alive!!  Yippeee!

I just loved the shape of this tree, and the clouds.  Sally had to pose of course!

Yep!  Emus!  The large flightless bird with very little brain!  Truly, they appear to have little capacity for thinking……

In the afternoon, we strolled out into the long paddock, a laneway between larger ones, used mainly for shifting stock. Saw the unusual clouds, which I thought reflected the shape of the gum tree.

We played follow the leader – who was Fred of course!

Sure enough, the kangaroos were out in the paddock closest to the road, for their afternoon grazing, somewhat disturbed by naughty Fred.  If you look closely, you may see a joey hopping into the pouch of the kangaroo in the foreground.

This cow wasn’t like the rest of the mob – she came up to investigate us!

Too soon, it was time to head for home…..

……. and the end of a perfect day 🙂


4 thoughts on “Perfect day

    • You’re most welcome! I was glad I took advantage of the weather, because the following days were full of cold piercing winds and rain.

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