Spring Lamb!

On the first day of Spring I happened across a small flock of ewes and lambs basking in the sun.  Yes sun!  The sun showed its face for a while today – yippee!  The Suffolk sheep are particularly appealing I think, with their black faces and legs….. bringing to mind the old nursery rhyme…after all, this is a very old breed of sheep…..and lambs of any colour and description as just SO CUTE!

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2 thoughts on “Spring Lamb!

  1. I enjoy seeing sheep. They are seldom seen around here (central New York State, U.S.A.). We were traveling to another area of the state once, springtime, and saw some sheep with their newborns quite near the road so we stopped to photo them. But not nearly as beautiful and natural as your captures. The lambs had all been marked with a a letter/code, destroying the beauty of the animal. Still is was a joy to set and watch them bounce and play.

    Lovely photos in these beautiful surroundings.

  2. These sheep live on a small hobby farm, and their surroundings spoke of care and attention – not all sheep are so lucky!
    When in a mob, sheep can appear a bit silly, but as individuals, they are astute. Lambs are cute cute cute! 🙂

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