an epic poem by Thomas Davis


Inside her dream Wei flew through skies so blue
They seemed to vibrate with a pulsing life—

And then she was awake, the fire stoked down,
Air frigid, dark intense, more night than night.
Her mother, gleaming, sat upon her bed
And seemed to look at worlds Wei could not see.
Wei huddled in the covers, warm, content
To see her mother in her life again,
But then her mother sensed she was awake
And stood, light streaming from her sudden movement.
Her mother did not speak, but stared at her.
Behind her mother in the faint blue haze,
Vague, other figures huddled, eyes unfocused.

Wei carefully sat up, the covers clutched
Beneath her chin, her heartbeats in her ears.
Her mother waved her arm. The room’s deep cold
Seemed colder still. Wei stared, afraid.
Each time she’d seen her mother in the…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging this part of the epic. I was surprised. It is a long section, and I was afraid that few would attempt its length. The sections about the little girl Wei and the dragon Ssruanne seem to always attract readers. I enjoy this blog a lot, so I am especially appreciative of this reblog.

    • I find all chapters of the epic enthralling, Thomas, and wish I could find the words to express how much. But I’m often lost for words, and cannot make a reasonable comment on your site, therefore the little bit I can do is to reblog, and hope that others can enjoy as much as I 🙂

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