Having a Brush with the wildlife

Here’s a few pictures I shot recently in my front yard, of a regular night-time visitor – A Brushtailed Possum.  Mostly it is quiet, and doesn’t gallop on my roof, preferring to spend its visit trimming the roses, or the pumpkins…..or eating from the vegetable scraps I put out to share.  One morning I found its calling card on the windowsill – I hope it was amused at watching me inside the house.   A case of the watcher being watched 🙂 

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10 thoughts on “Having a Brush with the wildlife

    • I was lucky it ran up the tree, where it was easier to photograph. Usually it runs off into the dark paddock before I can get the camera out. But it’s slowly getting more used to me 🙂

    • They have the sweetest faces don’t they, but never corner one or you’ll find out how sharp their claws are. Many of Australia’s creatures are nocturnal and so we don’t see them much and then don’t value them as much as we ought to.

  1. An excellent series of pictures of your furry friend, who looks well fed with the food you leave out and that in your garden. Perhaps next visit it will bring some of the family along?
    Baby possums are even cuter, if that’s possible. My favourite old black kelpie, now long gone, was called “Possum”. Of course, Dame Edna Everage has immortalised them with her cheery greeting: “Hello, Possums!!!” Her pet name for humans….. 🙂

  2. Your possum looks quite different than the ones I would see here in the U.S. (central New York State)! You’re lucky to be able to photograph this nighttime visitor. Well done!

  3. The possums which stomp, tap dance and gallop across the roof of my house don’t care how much noise they make as they growl at each other in their attempts to stake their claims to tasty plants especially the fruit of the feijoas.

    The ring tail possums are more retiring than the bully boy brushtails.

    • I seem to have only the one frequent visitor, and it doesn’t usually get onto the roof 🙂 I agree, ring tails are much more polite 🙂

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