Not laughing

Well, I’m back – sort of…….my computer issues are not properly sorted, but at least I know what the problem/s  is/are……

I need a new screen, it’s only a matter of time before this one goes completely on the blink.  I tried replacing the screen, but new ones are too advanced for my old computer, and I had to return it.  I’m intending to upgrade soon, once I decide on the system..  I’m just hoping to keep going on this one until that time – fingers crossed! I also had a faulty internet USB, and that’s just been sorted out.  Plus there are other niggly issues in the computer…..age related….I can relate to that….I wonder if I could get an upgrade somewhere?  Is there a spare parts place for humans bodies, like there are for car bodies?

Any suggestions on computer desktops most appreciated.

Ongoing housing issues, has meant a few stressful moments also….

However, all is not lost…. I’m sure there’s a brighter day coming up very soon!  Then I’ll hear the kookaburras laughing with me 🙂


4 thoughts on “Not laughing

  1. I don’t have any suggestions on updating your computer equipment, but sometimes I do wish (as you) that we could update ourselves as easily!

    Nice photo of the kookaburra in the tree.

  2. I love my 4 year old Apple Mac. One of the irritating things about computer technology is it dates so quickly, hence the difficulty in obtaining compatible new bits like a new screen. In this modern age we can feel so helpless when deprived of our computers. There are, of course, millions of people on this planet who get along famously without a computer in their home. Then again, they are not trying to make a living selling their work via the internet.

    Good Luck with resolving the housing situation.

    • Thanks for your comment Margaret. Yes I could live without a computer, but it would alter the quality of my life and not for the better. Neither situation is resolved, but all options are slowly being mulled over…. 🙂

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