Reverend Hellfire's Sunday Sermon



I was watching an amusing expose the other evening, by the esteemed Media Watch (Australian televisions foremost paragon of Investigative Journalism) as they revealed the vested interests financing the dubiously named Australian Environmental Foundation. This supposedly “independent” Environmental think-tank and lobby group has been muddying the scientific waters in various public debates on a number of environmental issues over recent years, from Climate Change to genetic crops.

Small wonder then, that we learn its major sponsors include an American climate-change sceptic group and Monsanto.

To me the “science” of such “scientists” working for groups like the AEF, is about as valid as the “science” of those Chinese scientists who came out during the Cultural Revolution with the Little Red Book in one hand and swore with a straight face that Mao-Tse Tung thought was responsible for their stunning advances in Nuclear physics…

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