The week that was

My apologies for my apparent silence this week – but I’ve been on quite a journey.  Metaphorically mostly.  Lows and highs.

The week began with a prescribed burn in Canunda National Park.   No problems with the smoke from that.  But in the days following, farmers began burning the stubble on their paddocks.  The smoke from this practice is extremely toxic as earlier in the season, those paddocks had chemicals used on them, and these toxins are then released into the atmosphere when the stubble is burned.  This outdated practice pollutes the air and destroys soil organisms.  It is a lazy way to deal with problems brought about by incorrect soil management.

Stubble burning and excessive tillage have been identified as the two major processes responsible for the decline of soil organic carbon levels and the resulting soil degradation problems observed in the cropping soils.

Read more from the Australian Society of Agronomy.

Another report from Crop Science, looks at the long term effect of stubble burning on soil carbon levels and wheat yield in southern New South Wales.

What is generally not taken into consideration, are the effects of the chemicals applied throughout the growing season, still in residue on the soil when it is burned and then released into the atmosphere.  I’ve had a search through the National Pollutant Inventory, and cannot find any reference to this form of pollution.  However, the ill effects on my body’s central nervous system is real and difficult to deal with.  Let me again emphasize, it is not smoke in itself that is damaging.  It is the smoke from contaminated areas that is damaging.

The UK has banned stubble burning for many years.

About time Australia got it’s act together and began to take care of its citizens. 

I also got firm evidence on a situation that has been troubling me for some months, and on advice from Consumer Affairs, will be taking out a case against my landlord. 

So it was a difficult week.  However, on Friday evening, I had an important function to attend.  I had for the first time, entered my photography into a competition:

Rotary Club of Millicent Photographic Art Show 2012

My neighbours, on whose property it is which I do most of my shooting, had kindly offered to take me, as I avoid driving at night due to country hazards – emus, kangaroos, etc, leaping out of the dark onto the roadway.  I am very grateful to them for their friendship and continued support of my photography.

To my absolute thrill, I won two sections – Landscape and Regional Photographer with one image, and received Merit in those sections also with another work.  I can’t explain how much this meant to me, and it took a few days for it to really sink in.  I’ve also been asked to exhibit my work in the Millicent Visitor Centre!  Very exciting!  On the night, one of my images was sold, and I’ve an order for another print of it.  The display is open until April 9th, so there is a chance of selling more!

I’m planning on returning to the Display myself, to view the other works, as on the night, I only managed to see less than half of the nearly 300 entries.

Rotary uses the money raised from the Show to support immunization campaigns in developing countries where polio continues to infect and paralyze children.  A very worthy cause to donate to.

My winning images were Foggy Morn:

and Forest’s Edge:

Both works are available on my Redbubble site also.

Life continues…..  🙂


16 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Let me be the first to offer my heartiest congratulations on your excellent performance in the Millicent Photographic Art Show – you have arrived and deservedly so! Framing on “Foggy Morn” set it off to perfection and “Forest Edge” had a very fitting wooden frame which suited the subject. All these factors add up. It’s good to be a recognised winner!

    On a sadder note, the stubble burning and its effects are not widely known outside the areas where it happens, so the majority of our urban dwellers would have no idea. Hence the importance of your bringing this information to our attention. I hope there will be no lasting ill effects of this on you.

  2. I’m so happy for you eremophila! I love your images – and you are most deserving of the awards!! Revel in them:)

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