New horizons

Last night the weather report forecast early morning fog, and so I made preparations for going out in the car, instead of on my bicycle.  When I peeked out the window this morning, I was disappointed to see only a light fog, but decided to proceed with the original plan anyway.  There was a twinge of regret as I walked past my bike – it looked forlorn at being bypassed….

Fred was excited of course at the change in routine.  Actually, he gets excited whatever the form of the outing!  Always a reminder to me to stay light and in the moment.

We headed in an easterly direction up the road, and probably about 4 kms from home, stopped for a couple of quick shots, and then moved on for another km and after parking the car, proceeded on foot along the road.  The sun was coming up through the fog, and I was happy with the unfolding views.  It’s possible I’ll try along this road another time – but have to make sure our visits to the cattle don’t suffer too much!


16 thoughts on “New horizons

  1. This is a beautiful series of images E 🙂 Quite often when we travel, Jessie and I prefer to start late at night and drive through to the dawning. There is an amazing transition from the stary night to the gentlest beginnings of light then sunrise. It shows that the World has turned and brought us another day to enjoy. This you have captured superbly! 🙂

    • I’m very pleased you like it, thank you 🙂 Sitting around a campfire, watching the stars transition to the sunrise, is special also.

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