Charming writing, with a great message.


Waking up center of the night, I rose up to quell the humm of the ever-present air conditioner over the door.  Uncharacteristically awake, I couldn’t help but notice the sneak-around-movement of the tiny chorus of dancing ladies.  They had exited their purse, and were carefully folding up all of my clothes and spiriting them away in the bag I was too tired to pack once escaping the terrace-by-the-Aegeaninvestigation à la Mrs. X.  Touched by their caring, I sent them a mental blessing before  quietly sliding the balcony door open to let in the relatively cool night air.  The shock of the warm velvet air against the prickly burr of nighttime-hours-on air conditioned plasticity was a bit jarring as I slid back into the somewhat crackly-crisp white bed linens.

Staring at the ever-so-slightly waving palm fronds, I tried to lose myself to sleep.  Flip flopping around, I began to remember…

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