What do animals think?

This is an image that I took when doing a photo shoot with Fred’s assistance – he’s written about it on his blog.

I also posted it on my RedBubble site, and it brought forth this question – What do the animals think at this time of day? Do they have any sense of time and their place and existence in the Universe, as some humans do?

I’m very interested to get some responses to this question – from all perspectives!


8 thoughts on “What do animals think?

    • My feeling Sheila, is that we’ve been told many falsehoods about animals, in order to allow dreadful things to happen to them without feeling guilty. Thankfully, many are now overcoming that conditioning…..

  1. All animals are an integral part of life on this Earth. Looking back through different cultures and beliefs and looking at Man’s relationship with them is interesting. They have been variously adored, venerated and feared. Mythical animals have even been created
    and given attributes of stealth, strength, power and mystery. In an ideal world, or if you choose to call it Paradise, the Lion will lay down with the Lamb and Man and Beasts will live in harmony together. Sadly, Paradise has been lost.

    Following on from that imagery, It seems contradictory that those same lambs were later sacrificed to the Deity which had created them. And a variety of other animals sacrificed by various cultures. Exploited ruthlessly and cruelly. Yet we love those dear to us and know that they love us, through a language beyond any words. It may be that animal knew that you would be passing by and wanted its image captured by a certain beautiful young lady who was in harmony with it and with Nature. As it should be.

    Sorry for waffling on a bit, as is my wont. 🙂 C

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