Remembering Summer…..

Like Fred, I am also missing the warmth of the sun.  I know that in a couple of months time, I’ll be looking back in fondness to the warmth of now – it’s just that this first summer in my new location hasn’t felt like summer AT ALL!

Anyway, looking through my files, I found these shots I took one bright warm summer’s morning at the end of last year.  Instead of heading east along my road, I had turned west at the gate, and then south at the next intersection, in my search for new perspectives.  While it’s a pretty area, it hasn’t quite got the more secluded feel of my usual direction, so I haven’t been there since – on my early morning bike rides that is….. 

The light streams were really nice, but I couldn’t seem to capture them properly that day.

Naturally, I attracted the attention of the locals….

And perhaps this one wanted to join in….

I walked over to that gateway, and saw an area beyond that was low lying, a good place to remember come winter when it fills with water and attracts the water birds.

Yes, I remember that summer’s morning…..


4 thoughts on “Remembering Summer…..

  1. What do animals think? Me thinks Nufink much,..—-as below…

    Maybe —“peace would be nice” “please don’t eat me”.

    But dusk would come in the apple boughs,
    The green of the glow-worm shine,
    And there, in the moonlight, dark with dew,
    Asking not wherefore nor why,
    Would brood like a ghost, and as still as a post,
    Old Nicholas Nye.

    Walter de la Mare

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