Beauty is always there, for those with eyes to see.

Between heaven and earth

Winter has arrived ! Some friends just told me about how their friends in the very north of Sweden had had a huge party in a tent at -40 c this weekend and yes, I must admit I was impressed even though I’m not sure I would have stayed very long myself. As I’m writing this Frozen planet is on TV – the amazing series with David Attenborough and it once again brings home to me how well we humans adapt to our circumstances, how we always seem to find a way to survive, to grow and to evolve and…like my fellow crazy swedes in the north just have proved, to have fun. If it’s dark and cold 5 months of the year you’d better find something to do that will cheer you up otherwise you would be stuck inside with a bottle of vitamin D and a electric blanket ! So, in a…

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