One fine day

Finally, a sunny morning!  Once the mist cleared anyway…..

And another blast from the past….


4 thoughts on “One fine day

  1. don’t look directly into it, kids! It’s… just… too…. beautiful!

    But seriously, breat sunrise shot my goodness. What settings are you using for that so that i can mimic it once I get access to something more configurable? Is it a special lense that does it?

    • No special lens. Settings were: 1/680, Aperture setting, -1.67 Exposure bias, f5.6, ISO 200, multi-segment metering. I do have a polarizing filter on the camera full time. That’s all. If you have an exposure setting – most even basic ones do, try moving that to the left and see what that does to the glare. But every situation is slightly different. Sometimes I flick to sunset mode 🙂 Don’t give up, already your shots are showing great progress.

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