Thanks for the memories….

“The day was bleak, in weather and mood, and I reached up and took down my box of memories from on top of the wardrobe.  There’s the badge I wore as a fourteen year old when my team won the State competition, and the Rego disc of the dog who was my constant childhood companion.  Pasted on a piece of cardboard, the photo of me taken by a reporter from the local paper which made front page – and then graffitied by a school friend.  A birthday card from an admirer……and then, my heart misses a beat, for there it is, the photo I took of you that wondrous summer at the beach.  You, my first true love, my first romance; you, who stole my heart, my dreams, my innocence.  After all these years, the sight of your face makes me tremble, as I am again that teenager in love with my Adonis.  Did you share my love, or was I just another summer’s conquest?  Oh well, it is many years ago now, and perhaps it’s time to let go of regrets, to forgive, to say thank you for the memories…..and know that while the girl has grown old, she has for a little time, been young again. “


5 thoughts on “Thanks for the memories….

      • One cannot compare what processing is “better” – it’s just different. Post-processing has to fit (and yours fits perfectly).
        Above all I love the scratches and the grain in your photo!

      • I understand what you are saying. What I’m feeling right now tho, is my lack of expertise – and software!- which means I don’t always have a range of choices in what I can do in post-processing. All I know, is self-taught, due to circumstances. I’ll simply keep plugging away until my vision matches the product 🙂

  1. After having experimented with several programmes, I came to the realization that it is the same as in other areas of life – there lies freedom in the lack of choice!
    If you have a software/filter overkill you get overwhelmed with all the possibilities – just focus on those that you like and can afford, try to get some free tutorials here and there, ask for advice and then it’s trial and error. I learned the same way. It is natural (we learned walking by means of trial and error) and not to forget – fun! 😉

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