Yesterday morning I was out on my bike and up the road well before the sunrise, so that I could get the pre-dawn colours.  Despite the high temperatures the previous day, and forecast for this day, there was a coolness to the air.  It was really pleasant to be out and standing quietly in such peaceful surroundings, not another soul about, just me and my dog.  I took several shots of the sky colours prior to the sun’s arrival, experimenting with various camera settings.  It’s all too easy to stick with the familiar, with what I know works, but that won’t increase my proficiency in the longer term.

Anyway, here’s one with the sun just peeking above the horizon.

A nice reward for the early start. Once the sun was up, the colours disappeared very quickly and the air began to warm once more, heralding a scorching Australian summer day.  I turned from facing east, to the north, to begin my return home, when to the west, I noticed a single beam of light heading across the paddock straight to a gum tree.

It made me think of Stonehenge…       I also realised that it’s not the obvious that we need to take notice of, but what is behind our backs that can be just as important.  Illumination can come when we’re not expecting it at all.


14 thoughts on “Illumined

    • Yes Sheila, we experience the great opposites for much of the year 🙂 I’ll try to keep sending some warm images for you.

      • Hehe, you don’t know what you’ve just said. 😉

        A friend of mine was on a 4 week holiday in Australia (last European autumn) and took more than 25,000 photos there – he said it’s the best country he has ever visited. And he has already seen loads of places.
        Anyway, your and his pictures just confirm why this is a dream country for me.

  1. Man you’re spoiling me, two sunrises in a row! Love the tree silhouettes.

    What settings are you playing around with? Unfortunately I’m a candidate for what you talk about: using what works and not playing around too much unless I think about it.

    • I’ve been experimenting with the metering mode. But for this I stayed with the usual multi-segment.
      The Exif for this image is:1/800, AP mode, -1.33EV, f5.6, ISO200, 62.8mm. I’d encourage you to have a play around 🙂

  2. Why I’m not here (yet)?
    Since I am a freelancer I cannot leave my business for 4 weeks in a row (could lose clients) – and that’s the minimum amount of time I’d need in order to see what I want to see from this great country. 😦
    Anyway, I will find a solution for this some day and then you’ll be the first one to know when I have booked a flight! 🙂
    It would be awesome to go on a photo tour together.

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