At the tail end

The year 2011 is drawing to its conclusion Downunder, and I can’t say I’m sorry about that.  It’s been a year of changes – most of which were quite unpredictable and some leaving me shaken.  However, I’m still here…..and maybe things are looking up in these new pastures.

I’m not really into New Year Resolutions.  Goal setting is well and good too, but generally I prefer to simply keep learning, and see where it takes me.  It’s always been an interesting journey. 🙂  Currently I’m learning how to convert images to black and white, and no doubt that will keep me busy for some time to come.  The more I learn about it the more I realise how much there is to know, and how little I do know.  Just like life really 🙂

Thanks very much everyone for your support and comments and feedback – most appreciated!  Hopefully I’ll see you around again next year!  Have a Happy and Safe New Year♥


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