A wild ride

Life is such a wild unpredictable ride, with change at every turn.  Last night I learned that a friend’s son had died in tragic circumstances.  Last week another friend was having chemo.  I cannot understand how they must feel, not having been in that situation myself.  I can only imagine.  And it must be tough going.  Despite my own beliefs about re-incarnation, other dimensions, and the Spirit world, on a very human level loss is not only difficult to bear, it can rip one asunder.

Each morning when I cycle down my quiet country road, I see many butterflies soaking up the warmth from the road.  As the sun rises, they begin to flutter and sometimes dance with me as I pedal along.    The change from caterpillar through to the chrysalis and emergence as a butterfly is the greatest change in the animal world.

The butterfly is a powerful symbol for transformation,  as it symbolises significant change in the course of one’s life, personality or way of thinking.  While on this Earth, we need to adapt to changing circumstances, and surely, what better way than to follow the lead of the butterfly, and dance lightly be it ever so briefly.

This morning I stopped to photograph the butterflies on the road, and then noticed that one had settled on my bike wheel.  Perhaps it was trying to tell me something…..


10 thoughts on “A wild ride

  1. Beautiful words and thoughts, I agree with everything you say…and I smile when I see the butterfly on your bike- looks like your are being invited to a beautiful and transformative future 🙂

  2. Lovely photo and nice words.
    I’ve lost someone close this year, and it was very tough for the entire family.
    What helps me cope with it (although it is still hard) is that I don’t ask for reasons. I don’t ask why she had to die so young.
    For me life is neither good nor bad, it just IS, and things happen for no particular reason.
    This might sound cold for some at the first glance, but actually it can help to accept things the way they are…
    Carpe diem!

  3. I remember the day it finally dawned on me, that I was trying to make sense of a situation, when there WAS no sense to be made of it. It was nonsense. That helped me to accept it, in much then same way that you are describing by not looking for a reason.
    Pooh Bear gives excellent advice too 🙂

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