Foggy Dawn

Even though it’s summer Downunder, in my neck of the woods, summer is shy and many mornings I wonder at the change from my previous location, which is now experiencing all the heat one expects of summer in Australia.  My early morning bike rides see me donning jacket, gloves, and hat.  Just a few days ago, there was a – I’m learning – typical fog across the paddocks.  Fog can of course, create some nice photographic effects, and I am really enjoying these opportunities.

Black and white photography always interests me, although I’ve only dabbled in it in the past.  But I’ve been reading and studying up about conversion techniques, and this image was the first one I created using that recently learned knowledge.  I put it on my Redbubble Site  and have been amazed at how well it has been received.  Probably just beginner’s luck, but it has me well and truly hooked!  Hmmm….guess what I’ll be doing at nights now…… 🙂


14 thoughts on “Foggy Dawn

  1. This is a very well composed shot! I love how the tree in front is framing the one in the distance, and fog always makes for a very interesting look – I have yet to get a “fog shot”!! I’ve developed quite an interest in B&W, myself – I think it teaches quite a bit about light, shadows, shapes, form, contrast, etc…

    • Thanks for the feedback Holly. Another thing about Black and White, is its durability. All the new technology is fine, but listening to discussions with archivists, black and white is still the most durable form for an image. Just imagine if we couldn’t see Ansel Adams work!

  2. That’s amazing. So this was a color picture that you converted to B&W? That’s awesome and a process I hadn’t thought of trying. I love the fog, as always, and thanks for sharing your photo. It’s amazing to think that is’ hot and sticky for you down there and we’re about to get a snowstorm! 🙂

    • I thoroughly recommend you try the process Blaine, it’s a great way to appreciate the subtleties of tones within an image. Lacking Photoshop, I used Photoscape, a Freeware Program. Don’t blame me if you get addicted to it though! 🙂

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