Fancy a sea-change?

Last week, Fred talked me into a trip to the coast.  Okay, he didn’t have to do much talking 🙂 After all, I did the big move a few months ago so that we’d be closer to the ocean, and haven’t given up on finding a place.  Where we are now, is just a stepping stone…..

One of the places we checked out was Boatswain’s Point. not far from Robe, on the Limestone Coast.  Until we went exploring, I didn’t even know the place existed, and at my first views I thought it was charming, a place that time had forgotten. A place where you could be yourself, no frills or fancy, where you could lead a simple life……

A place with little fibro fishing shacks…….a place with no fences…..

But then……as I drove around the tiny township, sans shops sans anything but houses, I could see the upmarketers were moving in.  Mind you, Fred and I did take a fancy to this place, located at the end of a cul-de-sac.

Obviously architect designed. Such are dreams…..

Fred has requested we try a holiday here first.  Here’s a couple of likely pet friendly places…..

Windsong Beach House – WindSong is an absolutely private beachfront house with uninterrupted ocean views and direct access onto the beach.  Yep, that takes our fancy.

Or else there’s Beachside Getaway – A large glass sliding door in the kitchen leads out onto a sheltered rear balcony that looks out to the pastures and sand dunes that hug the Robe, longbeach coastline. The rear balcony has a BBQ & outdoor furniture.  Also quite acceptable.

Well, next step was to find out some more about this place.  Check out the prices.  Golly!  Times have changed!

Sadly, these up market holiday homes are pushing up real estate prices, and soon only the wealthy will be able to afford to live here.  This is only one of many little villages that are being swallowed up by investors, and those looking for a sea-change will need to have a very healthy bank balance indeed.

It leaves the likes of me, needing unpolluted air to breathe, high and dry.  Or perhaps, Fred will gain us fame and fortune:-)


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