Moving from the edge

It’s quite amazing isn’t it, how life imitates art – or is it the other way around?  I’ve been dealing with a stressful situation lately, and now the pressure is off until late January.   I’m not quite ‘on edge’ any more.

On my morning walk I took a less travelled path, along the edge of the trees, and then came across two larger trees, more advanced than the others and the space around them felt quite special.  So I simply sat.  It’s a great non-doing.

After a while, of this very non-doing, I felt compelled to enter the forest, to delve deeper within.  My pace slowed, as I carefully picked my way over fallen branches and such like.  When we go inwards, the journey cannot be rushed.  It is a carefully considered process, negotiating obstacles as they arise.  Eventually, it was time to find a pathway to lead me to the edge again, out of the dimness, into the light.  And lo, a pathway appeared.  According to my canine companion, it was a trail of most delectable scents.  Again, our pace increased, with expectation hurrying us forwards.  What we expected didn’t matter – in fact, sometimes it’s the very unknowingness that I find most enticing.


8 thoughts on “Moving from the edge

  1. It’s wonderful how nature will support our inner journeys and help us to discover new things about ourselves, as well as helping us discover new physical places…good also to have a “Fred”… that way you’ll never get lost 😉

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