Being On the Edge

As I was walking through the forest this morning, my thoughts turned to the edge effect…….According to Wiki:

“The edge effect in ecology is the effect of the juxtaposition or placing side by side of contrasting environments on an ecosystem.

This term is commonly used in conjunction with the boundary between natural habitats, especially forests, and disturbed or developed land.[1] Edge effects are especially pronounced in small habitat fragments where they may extend throughout the patch. Increasing edge effects allows more habitat structure to increase biodiversity within the area.”

As I walked closer to the edge of the forest,  I could hear more birdsong, feel more sunlight, smell a greater array of scents.  Once away from the forest, this dissipated.  It was at the edge where so much was taking place.  In gardening, often the greatest vibrancy can be found on the edges. This is why often a curved edge is used in preference to a straight one, as it covers a greater distance. Then I thought about how this may relate to human activity……

Some people live close to the edge…..  maybe by their risky behaviour, maybe financially, maybe socially.   Each situation has the potential for a different outcome than if they were ‘safely’ in the middle.  There is a potential for creating something new and different.

Next time you find yourself walking close to the edge, in whatever form that is, seize the opportunity to be creative.  It may be the best thing you could ever do.


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