Making herself at home

Lately, I’ve been bringing my horse Sally onto the back lawn so she can have some grazing, and keep the grass down a bit,  and also feel she’s still part of the family instead of away in the paddock.  She’s loving it, and when I spied her laying down for her mid-morning nap, I couldn’t resist taking a snap through the window.  Horses will only lay down if they feel safe, especially if there’s not another horse keeping guard – horses are a herd animal and rely on each other for safety.  I have to take on this role, there not being another horse close by.

So, what is home?  We’ve only been at this location for a few months, and while I don’t feel settled, it is home for the time being.  There’s the old saying -“ Home is where you hang your hat”  –  but is it just this or is there more to it?

Habitat for Humanity (link) asked this question and got many and varied responses. This one caught my eye….

mary lou wrote:
Home is a refuge of joy in the midst of a sometimes fearful world.

What does home mean to you?


2 thoughts on “Making herself at home

    • It’s only since the 1960’s that more folks live in the cities than in the countryside, before that it was about equal. Shows how much has changed doesn’t it. Maybe the circle will turn again 🙂

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