Take a walk on the wild side…..

….. and don’t forget to look down….in the forest there’s more than just trees to gaze in wonder at…..


8 thoughts on “Take a walk on the wild side…..

    • Thank you! Yes, it’s moss, with its red ‘flowers’. I’m not surprised you liked the leaves, given the lovely shots of dry vegetation that you’ve posted 🙂

  1. Moss is so strange. I took some off of my parent’s roof last year and studied it, hoping to keep it alive in my potted plants as a moisture trap. The tiny individual moss plants have little star leaves, and they shoot up those little tendrils that you’ve captured above. Depending on moisture and weather, they can be fresh or they can be dried out. Moss always seems to shoot back, too.

    It’s really neat, but as I said, I don’t quite understand Moss. But I was pleasantly surprised at how rich its texture is close up.

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